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Cancer Treatment with baking soda by dr. Jim Kelmun

Conventional cancer treatment cost roughly $ 100,000. Alternative methods cost much less, while its performance is much higher.

This is why more and more people are paying alternative ways to treat cancer.

Below we describe several therapies for treating cancer with bicarbonate of soda, which have helped hundreds of people.

However, it is important to realize that cancer is a serious disease and that such therapy mandatory must be proceeded under the supervision of an experienced alternative doctor.

Therapy with baking soda (according to Dr. Simoncini):

Dr. Simoncini, Italian oncologist, recommended the use of baking soda without supplements or pharmaceutical aluminum baking soda to treat cancer.
How does it work? Baking soda drastically increases the alkalinity of the blood, which destroys the candida (which according to the theory dr.Simonicini causes cancer).

The method of treatment

If the cancer is in the stomach, intestines, rectum and mouth:
Take one teaspoon of baking soda in the morning and one in the evening with a glass of water, during one month. After that cancer should disappear.


Do not use this therapy for more than 3-4 weeks!

However, in most cases, therapy by Dr. Simoncini request medical assistance, in the form of injections or intravenous therapy.

For intravenous therapy:

500 ml of 5% solution of baking soda directly into a vein, every day. The treatment should last for 6 days, then a break for six days. So you should continue, until you get a total of 24 infusions. Then make sure the cancer has retreated.

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cancer cures dr. Simoncini

Therapy with baking soda and maple syrup by Dr. Jim Kelmun

Dr. Jim Kelmun is a doctor of conventional medicine. However, he had special recipe for the treatment of cancer, which he shared to the people, suffering from cancer who’s went home to die. Amazingly, most of them were healed of cancer and lived for many years.

"Other doctors have told me that I have less than 6 months. But Dr. Jim gave me this recipe and for a couple of months the cancer had disappeared, which was confirmed by all documentation." - Farmer Ian Roadhouse

The very idea of mixing baking soda with maple syrup may seem ridiculous and paradoxical, since cancer cells feed on sugar. However, in this case, the sugar acts in a different manner. Cancer cells fail to use sugar for growth, as they are killed immediately by baking soda.

In this case, maple syrup, operates in such a way that increases the level of blood sugar and inject baking soda directly into the cells. It is assumed that therapy with bicarbonate of soda and maple syrup acts like chemotherapy, killing cancer cells, but without any harm to the organism.
According to the testimonies of many cured patients, this therapy is simple, effective and can be combined with other natural ways to treat cancer. Again, note that the therapy should be administered under the supervision of alternative doctors.


- Mix one part baking soda with three parts maple syrup
- Heat and stir on a very low temperatures for 10 minutes
- Take 3 teaspoons a day for 1-2 months
- During this therapy avoid meat, sugar and white flour

More information:

What does the soda?

Baking soda (no aluminum) is a safe, effective and inexpensive way for treating cancer. Soda drastically increases the alkalinity of the body, which delivers the cancer cells more oxygen than they can handle.

The fact is that cancer cells cannot survive in conditions of high oxygen levels in the blood. Research has already confirmed that soda really affects the PH balance of cancer cells.

"Treatment of baking soda can be carried out orally, via aerosol, intravenously, or via a catheter, to be able to act directly on cancer" - tells Tullio Simoncini. "Such therapy may be effective in the treatment of many cancers."

Although dr. Simoncini recommended their patients an increased intake of sweet during therapy with bicarbonate of soda, never thought of mixing soda with maple syrup (as recommended Dr. Jim).

cancer and baking soda by dr. Jim Kelmun
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