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Baking soda for alkalization and side effects of consumtion

Baking soda is a derivative of salt due to strong alkaline action is used as a natural regulator of acidity in foods, in bakery products as well as substance for the loosening of dough. It is suitable for oral consumption. Note: baking soda naturally do not contain aluminum.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3) is probably the only harmless, inorganic chemicals, which has proven to have multiple beneficial effects as a drug, a cosmetic agent, cleaning, hygiene and humane care, fragrance and odor adsorbent. Also, baking soda is one of the food additives that encoded by the European Union, is on the list of permitted additives, identified as E500.

Baking soda consumption’s side effects:
Dissolved in water, soda gives a base pass. Reacting with acids, releasing water and carbon dioxide. Because of these characteristics, it is used in the pharmaceutical industry as an antacid. However, as with the introduction of any composition or drug, there should be some caution.
Side effects of increased intake of baking soda: it increases the pH of the blood, and excess sodium increases blood volume and blood pressure, and increases the risk of hypertension and edema.

alkalization and sodium bicarbonate
bakin soda side effects

There is credible evidence to suggest that the sodium bicarbonate could become the primary and universal medication for a wide range of diseases, including fungal diseases, cancer and diabetes, which is why the health care professionals should include it in the treatment of certain diseases. However, the pharmaceutical industry has strongly resisted the idea that something as cheap as soda can replace the most expensive pharmaceutical preparations.

Millions of people around the world consume bicarbonate ions in drinking water in order to prevent, or use them as a therapy in a clinical acidosis, as in many other states. For decades, the developed countries of the EU, soda in routine use by oncologists, in order to prevent the toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation. All biochemical reactions in the cells of our body, or enzymes that drive them, are sensitive to pH. The lower the pH of the body, the more problems for cell physiology.

Very low (acidic) body’s pH is caused by the frequent consumption of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, diet based on acidic foods, stress, manifesting and accumulation of negative emotions. It all leads to the deterioration of cells, and finally to serious health problems such as cancer, candidiasis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, gastritis, etc.

The fact is that biological life works best in non-acidic (alkaline) environment in favor of the usefulness of baking soda. By entering bicarbonate ions it can neutralize the low pH, or regulate the pH balance within the body cells. Baking soda expands the blood vessels and promotes easier release of oxygen in the tissues, thus increasing the pH value.

Increased urine pH prevents its crystallization within the urinary tract, and further prevents a range of illness related with increased uric acid: diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, gout, kidney stones, etc. Consuming baking soda and magnesium chloride at the same time in combination, is a safe treatment in cardiac, neurological disorders and severe forms of influenza. These two substances efficiently removes toxins and acids of all cells, tissues and organs. Additionally consumption of vegetables and fruits, has a very important role in maintaining bodily pH balance.

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