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Regenerate skin and hair with baking soda

We all have baking soda at home, but it is very rarely used. However, it can do wonders with skin and hair.

In addition to whiten your teeth, here's what you can do with it:


If you mix baking soda with water, you will get an excellent mixture for peeling. It will remove all the dead skin cells from the face and makes your skin look great.

Washing hair

Add baking soda in the shampoo when washing your hair. It will remove any deposits that are placed on the hair. It is especially useful if you use different hair care preparations.

Clean brushes

Not only removes deposits from the hair, but also dirt from combs and brushes. All you need is hot water and soda. Mix them and soak brushes.

skin and hair regenerated with baking soda

Softens cuticles

Did you know that soda softens cuticles? Mix it with water and apply to the skin. Gently rub and you'll solve the problem with the cuticle.

Foot care

Hot water and baking soda will do wonders to your tired feet. Not only will soften the skin, but will completely relax your feet. It is great for a pedicure at home.

Unwanted nipples

Experts say that soda in the mixture with lemon juice removes unwanted warts. Mix them together and apply on the nipple to remove. Leave to dry and rinse with water.

You can make bath with baking soda and it is especially recommended if you have had radiation therapy or are being treated with chemotherapy. In warm water pour 2.5 kg baking soda and 1.5 kg of kitchen salts. Such a bath of the body drags away the heavy metals and uranium.

If you are tired, you have tense muscles or want to clean your skin, then in warm water, add a cup of baking soda. Such a bath will calm down and remove all the dead skin and nourish your cells.

Even the flu can be healed with soda. The treatment is this: the first day drink half teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every two hours. Drink six such glasses. The second day drink four glasses at intervals of two hours on the third day drink a glass of soda in the morning and evening.

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