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Removing Limescale with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Mix 100 ml of pickling vinegar with 50 g of baking soda. The mixture can be used to clean limescale wherever it is located on ceramic tales in the bathroom or the kitchen, on glass surfaces in the kitchen, on the taps and other chrome, etc. The rest the mixture can be saved for next time.
For limescale in dishes and water heaters in kitchen solely pickling vinegar could be used and pour it directly into the bowl and leave it for some minutes or more. Even better, if the vinegar in the dishes boils it more easily dissolves and removes limescale. Afterwards flush with water.
As an alternative to pickling vinegar also undiluted lemon juice could be used for descaling. Lemon juice can also be used in cleaning the oxygenated ferrous metals, for example copper, aluminum … also the vinegar could be effective.

limescale and baking soda
removing limescale

Baking soda removes limescale in the dishwasher, and before each washing add one or two tablespoons of baking soda direct into dishwasher.
Baking soda will remove grease from dishes and at the same time disinfect. It removes limescale and dishwashing with baking soda thoroughly cleanses the glass container. The great advantage of dishwashing with soda is that it does not leave the characteristic odor from washing powder that is anything but welcome on devices for cooking and eating.

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