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Soda Blasting

Sodium bicarbonate is very effective organic cleaner for machine blasting. It is similarly to the normal blasting but without the harmful effects on the environment and on the basic material. The blasting with bicarbonate of soda can be ecologically safe and efficient to clean almost all surfaces.
Soda blasting is suitable for cleaning different machines, for graffiti removal, pool cleaning, removal of old paints, floor markings, cleaning after fires, floods, monuments cleaning, boats, ships, silos, glass surfaces, aluminum, buildings and homes.
The blasting with baking soda can safely and effectively removes rust and corrosion on metals, paints, fatty deposits, soot, oil... advantage over conventional sandblasting is also heated low base areas, which do not lead to deformities in the base material.

blasting with soda
soda blasting

An additional advantage is that baking soda removes mold and microbes and inhibits their development. Blasting with baking soda could be dry or wet soda blasting. In wet soda blasting, water is used to prevent dust where it is needed.

Blasting soda is mainly used in car repair, marine ... blasting have a mild effect, and absolutely no damage to working surface. Specifically useful is for blasting material, in which there are shaft and the axis of the engine, as at the end of the blasting it can be easily removed with air or water.

Blasting with soda has come up with American engineers, when in 1972 they were faced with the problem of how to clean and restore the Statue of Liberty in New York. Due to the location and structure of the statue, usually cleaning procedures could not be used because the statue is surrounded by water, and is made of soft copper plates. Soda blasting has proven to be ideal, since it is abrasive and has virtually no impact on the aquatic environment.

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