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Who should not consume baking soda?

Who should not consume baking soda?

Soda corresponds to a number of criteria and is considered as very safe nutritional supplement and you can freely enjoy it. Who should rather avoid baking soda?
It is worth to point out two limitations:

1. People who are dieting by limiting the sodium should avoid sodium bicarbonate. These people should before swallowing consult a doctor because it can increase the concentration of sodium in the body.

2. Sodium bicarbonate contains sodium, so people with high blood pressure and if there is a risk of heart failure should not consumed it on regular basis.

who shoud avoid baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is undoubtedly the most hardworking worker in the kitchen. It is indispensable in baking - because of it cakes and other biscuits rise. Effective is for environmentally cleaner and deodorant that helps deodorised litter box, bin, the interior of the refrigerator and the like.

Sodium bicarbonate is also gentle and fast acting drug for a range of annoying health ailments, from nappy rash to sunburn.

What is baking soda?

It is a slightly basic salt. If reacted with an acid, releases carbon dioxide and create a foam. It is manufactured from soda ash, which occurs naturally as the mineral.

Very versatile

Very useful way to maintain a healthy alkaline body is eating half or teaspoon of baking soda, dissolved in water, per day. Do not drink it between meals or about an hour after meals because your stomach needs a certain acidity to effectively carry out its functions.

Sodium bicarbonate is also effective in cleaning teeth (and this does not hurt their surface) and is also used against bad breath (just add it to your toothbrush on toothpaste). Apart from the fact that it eliminates bad breath, is also an excellent tooth polish, because it whitens teeth and acid attack that destroys tooth enamel.

Can also be used for peeling skin, especially if you have a problem with acne (made some paste with baking soda and water as a means of facial cleanser instead of using commercial preparations).

People with skin allergies, who usually have an unpleasant reaction to the commercial powders for laundry, have a lot less problems if their clothes and bedding is washed with baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate can be helpful to insect stings and bites. Stings can be mitigated so that you prepare bath and pour into some baking soda. Stings can also neutralize the mixture of soda and water anoint the bites and let the baking layer of the skin to dry.

The baking soda can also reduce burns on the body. Prepare your cold bath, pour into a glass of soda and swim a few tens of minutes. This will calm your pain, in addition, you will not have to suffer the stinging feeling of showers. Even if you do not have burns, you can enjoy a bath with soda that helps to rinse bodily waste from the body.

If gargling, it helps inflamed throat, because neutralizes acids that cause pain.

Baking soda destroys the acidic environment in the bladder, which are like bacteria, so it is an effective home cure for inflammation of the bladder.

Do you have problems with your kidneys?

People who have kidney problems, and people who want to alkaline their body drink in the morning or half a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved into a glass of water. Soda is lowering the level of acid in the bloodstream and prevents the growth of bacteria in food products.

Not to concume baking soda!
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