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The pharmacy is silent: Sodium bicarbonate!

Sodium bicarbonate is the enemy of all the expensive drugs offered by the pharmacy as necessary and only option for health. There are few so versatile materials, such as kitchen baking soda.

The baking soda for beautiful smile

Cheap kitchen baking soda can be used for acne or pesticide removal form fruit, toothpaste or cleaning bathrooms and toilets ... Its effects are almost unbelievable, but it was somehow forgotten. A kitchen baking soda is coming back to our homes. It is all in one. Useful tools for diseases, cleaner, handy ingredient for baking, you can add in the domestic cosmetics.

It's probably a little bit so versatile materials, such as kitchen baking soda. With its effects not only delight loyal customers, but also repeatedly demonstrates that useful devices do not need to cost the entire property. A pound of baking soda it will cost you is a mere 90 cents.

Create alkalinity in the body

Modern nutrition in our body leaves so many consequences. Excessive consumption of meat, dairy products, the majority of cereals, alcohol, caffeinated drinks and sugar winey body, which over the years can lead to serious problems. These usually occur in the form of heartburn, irritable stomach, digestive disorders, fatigue ... acidification of the body, which lasts several years and many have also linked it with the development of cancer.

bicarbonate of soda for farmacy
It is useful for infection with candida, heavier form of influenza and diabetes. Its main effect is that in the body recreates alkalinity.

When and how much we can consume?

Regularly taken in the recommended amounts around half or one teaspoon per day dissolved in water. Do not consume between meals or one hour before or after such as when the organism needs acidity in the stomach.

Due to its exceptional effects you should not exaggerate the amount and it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor. In any event, however, you can regularly consume it for four to six months, then stopped the cure.

In the long term, we will provide the best for the body to change food habits, so by eating more raw fruits and vegetables.

With baking soda against acne, fungal and herpes

Removes skin impurities. Paste, which is prepared by mixing three teaspoons of soda with one teaspoon of water, take care of faster drying acne or herpes, defat the skin and cure fungal infections of the skin and nails. With this paste gently rubbed into the skin to remove the dead skin cells, which would otherwise clogs the pores. On the skin it is allowed to act for 10 minutes, then washed away. Dr. Simoncini heals his patients with baking soda even psoriasis. In this case, instead of the peeling it is used to compress the mixture of water and soda (one teaspoon per liter of water).

The bicarbonate for acne, fungal and herpes! It is also suitable for peeling

Relieves pain caused by sunburn

The sun's rays are always stronger and even the slightest carelessness let us burn. Try to alleviate the pain with lukewarm bath to which is added to a glass baking soda. When skin is irritated, instead of lukewarm prepare slightly cooler bath that will reassure itching.

Home toothpaste: In a glass bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of shallow salt and 3 teaspoons of baking soda, 2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin and 4 drops of 100-percent natural essential oil (you can choose between a lemon, sage, orange or mint). According to its properties baking soda is slightly rough, great cleans the teeth, not hurt their surface, helping to bad breath and because of alkalinity neutralizes acid in our mouths. Essential oils, which are added to toothpaste, provide a pleasant, refreshing feeling and, moreover, a number of anti-microbial properties. Let's be careful only to use a truly natural essential oils and make not add more than four drops into a paste. Salt has a peeling effect. Those for whom the taste of toothpaste is too salty, can omit this ingredient.

Substitute for baking powder
The recipes are increasingly being replaced baking powder for baking soda. This is particularly successful in recipes that contain some soured, whether it is lemon juice, sour milk, yogurt or buttermilk. Otherwise prefer to reach for baking powder.

To remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables 
Pesticides and dirt from the fruit and vegetable is effectively removed so that they are washed with water, which was combined with sodium bicarbonate (one tablespoon per liter of water) and vinegar. This is especially recommended for salads, we buy in shopping centers, as research shows that there are the most pesticides on them. Followed by citrus (oranges, grapefruit, lemons), extra attention deserves those vegetables and fruits, which are not peeled before consumption.

Cleaners, disinfectant and odors neutralizer
Unpleasant smell of old books, refrigerators, food residue or bins (when empty), to avoid it, simply sprinkle with baking soda. This will help us even with clogged drains. A cup of water mixed with baking soda, pour down the drain, and then poured with a cup of hot vinegar. Wait 10 minutes, then washed with one liter of boiling water.

It can be used as a cleaning agent for the toilet.

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