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Cleaning with baking soda

Ceramic surfaces
With a paste of baking soda it can be effectively cleaned and swabbing the ceramic surfaces. We need to avoid aluminum objects, because they browned contact with soda. If you contact metal and baking soda, wash thoroughly with warm water. To clean the pads, rub the surface with a paste of baking soda, then rub with a damp cloth. In the end, carefully rinse with water. For surfaces that are difficult to clean, add some coarse salt to the paste.

Cleaning the oven
Paste of baking soda is an effective means of cleaning the oven. To clean the oven, brush the paste and leave it for a few hours. Then rub the dirt with a damp sponge and rinse with water. Due to the fact that in the oven we prepare foods, cleaning with the non-edible soda is especially welcome, because in this way we avoid potential contact of food and hazardous agents. The cleaning may be a bit more strenuous, but it's worth it because you avoid the risks caused by the entry of dangerous cleaning products in your meals.

cleaning with baking soda

Cleaning the fridge
Even when cleaning the refrigerator baking soda is an excellent ally, since in contrast to chemical cleaners it cannot contaminate food. The easiest way to clean the refrigerator is with a sponge dipped in a solution of water and baking soda. If after cleaning the refrigerator stays some odor, place into a bowl with baking soda.

Cleaning the glass
From tablespoons of baking soda and water make a liter of glass cleaner. The mixture is then poured into the sprayer. Spray the surface to be cleaned. Spread the liquid to wipe the surface and then carefully rub with newspaper.

Water heater, ceramic plate
To clean the limestone in the water heater you do not need expensive cleaners. Rub it with a paste of baking soda and some salt and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Even ceramic plate for cleanliness needs no more than a thorough scrubbing with baking soda paste. Finally, remove the soda with a cloth and dip it in water.

baking soda and cleaning
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