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Cleaning ceramic tiles with baking soda

Ceramic tiles can be effectively cleaned with baking soda, to which is added a little water to make white paste. We must be careful with aluminum parts, for example in the kitchen or in the bathroom, because baking soda causes aluminum to become darker. If we have tiled stubborn stains cooking salt can be added to the above paste and in this combination baking soda will have even more powerful cleaning effect. At the end of cleaning the surface wipe well with a damp cloth or washed with water.
Sodium bicarbonate is also great for cleaning the sink and other work surfaces in the kitchen, as it prevents the formation of scale deposits and restores surfaces beautiful shine.

ceramic tiles and soda
ceramic tiles

If your ceramic tiles have become soiled, add a some white vinegar to the water and wipe well with the cloth. Vinegar or baking soda help loosen fat-based foods, making them much easier to cleaned away. Baking soda is used as a gentle abrasive cleanser. The fine particles of soda help remove tougher grime and it is more convenient method for cleaning small splashes. With baking soda paste wipe with circular motion to scour the ceramic tiles until they become clean. If the stains are strongly stubborn, add some salt into the baking soda paste. The salt provides a more aggressive scouring action.

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