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Washing hair with baking soda

The simplest recipe for using baking soda as shampoo:
Bicarbonate of soda (one tablespoon) dissolved in a pint of water to be shaken thoroughly. Use it the same way as shampoo, although it does not foam.

Instead of shampoo - baking soda

You will wash your hair as normal, except that you will use a completely new gadgets. The most important is certainly baking soda.
A teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water so that you get a thick paste. Apply it only to the roots of the hair, rub it in and leave it for about one minute. In order to accelerate blood circulation and clean the pores and accumulated dirt, do a good massage with your fingertips. Start with a circular motion at the top of the head, because there accumulates some fat, which gives the final appearance of our hair. At the end clean also rest of the scalp. Many women claim that their hair are growing faster after these treatment. This can be attributed to good scalp massage.

Bicarbonate of soda: baking soda - a natural deodorant:
A quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda sprinkle on the hand, add a few drops of water, rubbed between your palms and apply under the armpit. Bicarbonate of soda works effectively and prevents any odors at least for 24 hours.
If you have more sensitive skin we suggest an alternative without the use of water:
Baking soda can be easily rubbed between your palms and easily applied as a powder with each palm under the armpit. You exceed baking soda can be wiped or removed with a dry towel and the residue still provides effective prevent from bacterial growth and odors.
Baking soda is very suitable for feet, who has problems with odors (or in the case of improper footwear).

Make your toothpaste with baking soda:
Salt and baking soda - mix in the same proportion (half /half) and add a few drops of desired antiseptic essential oil, for example oregano oil or tea tree oil. The 50 ml mixture was added 3 to 5 drops of essential oil and mixed all together. Store it in the sealed box.
Wash your teeth with baking soda: moistens toothbrush with water and soak the bristles in our prepared mixture. You can also use normal toothpaste, a toothbrush which soaks in the mixture with baking soda. The teeth will be white and smooth like never before - thanks to baking soda, and even more in combination with common salt it effectively removes the tartar!
At the beginning of the use do not push the brush too hard on the gums until after a week or days it does not become entrenched. It also helps against PERIODONTITIS.
Caution: Because bicarbonate of soda works slightly abrasive to enamel, it is recommended for people with sensitive enamel to use only occasional (every few days or once a week - to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar). Many people in the past regularly for many years have used baking soda as toothpaste (as long as it is not superseded by modern toothpaste).
Baking soda is used as an additive in toothpaste for oral hygiene and tooth enamel naturally bleach and against bad breath.

- Sodium bicarbonate can be used for natural exfoliation of the skin, it is highly recommended to use for acne.

Simple recipe for organic liquid soap is as follows: Grate 50g Marseilles soap dissolved in 2 liters of warm water and pour into the bottle, in which leave some room to post content shaking. Add a tablespoon of baking soda and shake all together. Finally thickens after 48 hours.

White teeth with baking soda:

View our toothpaste with baking soda mentioned above.

For healthy teeth we need to remove tartar and great remover is also a bicarbonate of soda.
Simply mix some baking soda and sea salt. The mixture is applied to the toothbrush to clean teeth directly. It works already after the first treatment. NEW: White teeth with hydrogene peroxide and baking soda.

Hand washing

Baking soda can also be used for hand washing. Your hands will thank you, because the bicarbonate of soda is a mineral substance which, unlike many surfactants, does not irritate the skin.
Tip: Use baking soda as usual soap, hands in the end rinse with water.

White teeth and tartar removal:

Baking soda and Zeolite for teeth whitening.
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