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Baking soda for insect bites

Sodium bicarbonate is also effective in mitigating the effects and allergic reactions to insect bites. Put the thick layer paste of baking soda softened with water to the affected area of the skin of the dot insects until dry. Sodium bicarbonate binds toxins. More about the beneficial effects and relief of allergic reactions with soda bicarbonate read in conjunction relaxing bath with baking soda.
That is why it is also recommended that all people especially those who are sensitive to commercial softeners and washing powder wash clothes with baking soda or use it as natural cleansers - check out our washing powder consists of baking soda and Marseilles soap.

soda for insect bites
insect bites

Half-hour bath in lukewarm or warm water also reduces other allergic reactions such on skin from various cleaners, softeners, and even insect stings, and more.
Insect bites - apply a paste (of baking soda and water) to insect stings for fast relief of itching and burning.
Sodium bicarbonate has such excellent results because it is the base and thus neutralizes acids. In this way it is useful to teeth and blood, and reduces itchiness causing from injected mosquitoes. All other products failed to quickly solve the problem from insect dot and without side effects of the product.
It can be used by children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and patients. In the case of mosquito bites or any insect (eg wasps) it brings immediate relief. Solves the problem immediately and definitely.

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