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Baking soda for sunburn

In the case where we have got a sunburn we can bath with baking soda that significantly reduces pain. 2 ounces of baking soda dissolved in the vats. This bath also has a releasing effect. Sodium bicarbonate binds toxins and given in a bath also detoxify the body. After the bath the skin is soft and baking soda has the releasing effect on the whole body and mind. Half-hour bath in lukewarm or warm water also reduces other allergic reactions such on skin from various cleaners, softeners, and even insect stings, and more.

bicarbonate of soda for sunburn
bath treatment

Baking soda - an immense help for sunburn. How? Just dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in water and then soaked the cloth in the liquid and put it on the burn.
Burns - bicarbonate of soda has long been used as first aid for burns. Due to the endothermic reaction and mild antiseptic properties it prevents the formation of blisters and scars. On the burn place the paste, which is prepared from soda and a few drops of water.
Sodium bicarbonate acts as an antiseptic and so prevent infection of the skin. You can prepare your bath into which pour half a cup of soda and soak yourself in the bath for about 10 minutes. Soda will alleviate burns, burning and uptight feeling will disappear soon after a bath.

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