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Baking soda for hair and scalp care

Sodium bicarbonate is due to its exceptional properties suitable for hair and scalp care. It can easily be used as dissolved in water with which you can wash the hair and scalp. Optionally, you can wash your scalp before that with Marseilles soap. Thus, bicarbonate of soda as Marseille Soap are anti-allergenic and very suitable for sensitive scalp. It reduced the problem with itching and dandruff, caused by irritation of the scalp due to synthetic preparations, which are applied to the hair and scalp. The hair will be soft and smooth.

washing hair with sodium bicarbonate
hair washing

Instead of shampoo: baking soda

You will , of course, wash your hair as normal , except that you will now use a completely new gadgets. The most important is certainly bicarbonate of soda.

A teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in water so that you get a thick paste. Apply it only to the roots of the hair, rub it in and leave it for about one minute. In order to accelerate blood circulation and clean the pores and accumulated dirt, make a good massage with your fingertips. Start with a circular motion at the top of the head, because there accumulates fat, which gives the final appearance of our hair. At the end massage also the rest of the scalp. Many women claim that their hair growing faster after visiting the hairdresser. This can be attributed to good scalp massage.

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